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Meet the employees in videos!

The expertise of the employees


Meet Céline Pierre 

Production Operator

Do you know what a Production Operator does?

Would you guess that Céline prefers shift work or daytime work?


Meet Jean-Baptiste Rouchet 

Synthesis Innovation Engineer

Do you already know what organometallic nanoparticles are?

And if you had to guess, do you think Jean-Baptiste prefers individual sports or team sports?


Meet Alexandre Gautier 

Production Technician

What are your missions?

"After passing through the R&D department, a given project will move to industrial scale-up in the production department. We're talking about volumes that take up several cubic meters. My colleagues and I start by preparing a raw mixture of molecules for purification [...]"


Meet Pierre Chalon 

Legal Counsel

"I love working internationally, I feel useful and I have a great deal of autonomy in managing my work. It's a great working atmosphere." 

Meet Lisa Audoy

Innovation Engineer

"What I like most about my missions is to dig into my mind when I am faced with a problem and I love finding the right solution!"


Meet Dorothée Lefeuvre 

R&D Downstream Processes Engineer

"What I like about my job is the autonomy I am given, I mean, I lead my case studies myself. And at the same time, there is a good team spirit, we have very fruitful discussions, which lead to many interesting ideas." 



Meet Hélène Lemasson 

Project Manager

"The Project Manager is like the orchestra conductor working with all of these experts who can play instruments.The conductor won't be able to play all the instruments but she must know the notes,recognize when things are harmonious,or when there are little problems and you have to readjust some details. So I'm a little like a conductor!" 

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