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Quality: regulatory compliance and continuous improvement


The members of our Executive Committee have established a Corporate Quality Policy focused on improving Novasep’s processes and targeting the highest level of satisfaction for our customers.

Novasep works in strict compliance with regulatory requirements, in particular cGMP for the pharmaceutical industry in order to increase customer loyalty and acquire new customers.
We endeavor to:

  • Establish an efficient workflow between operational teams and our sales force
  • Develop our market knowledge through well-defined and regularly evaluated processes
  • Simplify processes and workflow through the training of all actors in continuous improvement methodologies
  • Improve our customer relationship management through a well-trained sales force for quicker response times
  • Empower our corporate quality team with the mission to promote and support all quality initiatives according to continuous improvement standards and regulatory guidelines

Novasep’s Commitment to Quality aims to reinforce customer satisfaction as well as our competitive edge within the business markets we serve.

We pride ourselves on our excellent track record of compliance, in particular with respect to pharmaceutical regulatory inspections. As an example, five out of the last eight FDA inspections (covering our six API manufacturing facilities) did not prompt any inspectional observations.

Due to the multiplicity of our activities and our markets, our business units maintain specific quality systems in line with our corporate Quality Policy, to best serve our customers in each of their activities and markets.

 Take a look at our Management Commitment to Quality Novasep Icon PDF

Reaching operational excellence through continuous improvement

Novasep is deeply committed to a continuous improvement approach based on lean management and 6-sigma methodologies.

Novasep Continous Improvement Innovation

Staff members are regularly trained to become Lean Managers with the goal of integrating measurable and reliable indicators in their project management techniques. We promote the assessment and optimization of our internal processes, which extends to all our employees in the clearest manner.

Team members are trained as Green Belt in order to lead Lean 6-sigma projects supporting the continuous improvement of the necessary processes.

In addition to self-investigation, the voice of our customers remains an important opportunity to improve ourselves. We are always improving the way this feedback is collected and implemented in all of our processes.


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