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Equipment customer service


Purification equipment for pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and biopharmaceuticals

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Your equipment is one of the following:

  • HPLC columns and systems Prochrom®
  • LPLC columns and system Prochrom®-Bio
  • SFC columns and systems Supersep™
  • Continuous chromatography Varicol® and BioSC®
  • Tailor-made TFF systems

Then contact:

Zone Contact
Europe and other countries customer.services@novasep.com

+33 383 497 100

North America usa@novasep.com
+1 484 361 6000
Asia customer.services.asia@novasep.com
+81 03 3221 1960
India customer.services@novasep.com
+91 22 4151 5151
Latin America customer.services@novasep.com
+1 267 240 9173

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Operation units for food, functional ingredients and fermentation products

You are using one of the following:

  • Filtration units Kerasep® or Applexion®
  • Ceramic and organic filtration membranes (Kerasep® and Applexion®)
  • Chromatography unit: SSMB, FAST, etc.
  • Ion exchange and adsorption units Applexion®
  • Chromatography or ion exchange resins Applexion® XA
  • Evaporation and crystallization units

Then contact:

Zone Contact
Europe and other countries industrialbiotech@novasep.com
+33 4 72 01 27 27
North America industrialbiotech.north-am@novasep.com
+1 610 494 0447
Asia industrialbiotech.asia@novasep.com
+86 21 6045 1600
 India industrialbiotech.india@novasep.com
+91 900 84 77 311
 Russia industrialbiotech.russia@novasep.com
+7 (8652) 316 645

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Should you have any question, please contact us on novasep@novasep.com

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