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Purification of APIs and HPAPIs


Complex APIs and HPAPIs, whether produced from synthetic routes or natural sources, often involve very complex mixtures. Examples include:

  • products extracted from biomass,
  • semi-synthetic APIs,
  • fermentation products such as toxins, antibiotics, cyclosporines, “limus” compounds, etc.

HPLC is the perfect solution to reach high purity and recovery yield from complex mixtures and to separate your target API from product-related impurities.


Novasep Prochrom HPLC 600mm ColumnThe Prochrom® columns and skids provide high purity APIs and HPAPIs and is recognized as the reference in industrial HPLC by manufacturers of complex APIs:

  • Highly flexible, the Prochrom® technology can be used to purify almost all APIs and HPAPIs, from lab (50 mm i.d.) to multi-ton scale (up to 1,200 mm i.d.).
  • Designed to be durable, Prochrom® is a robust technology you can trust.
  • The DAC (Dynamic Axial Compression) technology allows high separative performance to be maintained over time and guarantees high quality products even for long-standing operations.
  • Designed as a closed system to ensure operator safety, Prochrom® HPLC is also perfect for HPAPI purification.

For pilot and industrial systems, we can provide fully integrated purification units including solvent storage and unique, patented solvent recycling solutions to reduce solvent consumption (up to 99% recycled) which strongly reduces your operating costs and makes your process greener.

Explore Prochrom®

If your API is chiral, have a look at our purification solutions dedicated to chiral compounds purification.


As experts in chromatography systems and processes, we can help you optimize chromatography steps for the purification of your API and HPAPI. This can include:

  • Sizing the system and defining the most appropriate resin, solvents, etc.
  • Definition and fine-tuning of process parameters
  • Production of demonstration batches on our premises

Depending on your manufacturing strategy, we can also support you with contract manufacturing services for APIs and HPAPIs.

  • Hipersep® Pilot
    Hipersep® Pilot
    Highly flexible, easy-to-clean, compact & ergonomic: a new concept in the HPLC world!
  • Hipersep® Process M
    Hipersep® Process M
    Hipersep® Process M is your ideal companion to develop and produce your molecules quickly, simply a...
  • Prochrom Hipersep HPLC Skids
    Prochrom Hipersep HPLC Skids
  • Prochrom HPLC Columns
    Prochrom HPLC Columns
  • Varicol® systems
    Varicol® systems

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