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Equipment for plasma fractionation


Blood and plasma are complex mixtures from which therapeutic proteins are purified. Traditional processes use Cohn fractionation. A changing market landscape requires the implementation of new purification technologies with higher efficiency, cost-effectiveness and ease of automation.

Novasep provides best-in-class purification equipment and process development services for your plasma-derived therapeutics production workshop.

Whether you want to recover clotting factors, fibrinogen, poly-IgG, specific IgG or α1-antitrypsin, etc., several chromatography steps can be used to reach high purity and quality.


Novasep Prochrom Bio LPLC ChromatographyProchrom®-Bio is a range of industrial chromatography columns from 150 up to 1,600 mm I.D. and associated fluid management systems.

Fully automated, Prochrom®-Bio LPLC allows reproducible and easy operations.

Thanks to a smart design of the piston technology, the columns are easy to operate, clean and maintain.

Our packing technology brings unique value to your chromatography step:

  • High quality packing to reach superior separation performance and reproducibility
  • Save money by consuming less resin or media during packing

Learn more about the Prochrom®-Bio technology.


Novasep BioSC Lab Continuous ChromatographyBioSC™ technology addresses many plasma fractionation constraints.

Cut down your manufacturing costs by:

  • reducing the chromatography resin by up to 75%, especially affinity resins
  • reducing buffer consumption by up to 75%

Purify the same volume of plasma with a smaller system compared to batch chromatography.

Significantly reduce processing time by 2 to 4-fold, which is particularly critical for labile components such as Factor VIII.

Learn more about the BioSC™ technology.

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