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Separation of Chiral Compounds and Enantiomers

Separation of Chiral Compounds and Enantiomers


Novasep API PurificationAmong the different paths chemists can employ to obtain chiral APIs or intermediates, racemic synthesis combined with chiral separation can be the easiest as the number and complexity of synthesis steps are often reduced.

Combining it with chromatography to separate the chiral molecule from the racemic mixture, you can secure the production of your chiral API and make sure your next clinical trials will start on time.

Furthermore, when the non-desired enantiomer can be recycled (racemized), the global recovery yield is optimized, thus making the process extremely cost effective at industrial scale.

This has been demonstrated with a few blockbusters such as Keppra®, Lexapro®, Zoloft® which are produced at 10's to 100's of tons per year using racemic synthesis and chiral chromatography.

Novasep offers a full range of technologies and equipment to address your chiral purification, from grams to 100s of tons:

We also provide process development services, training and a dedicated customer service to make sure your teams are “ready-to-purify” from the first day.

Did you know some of our clients have been operating Novasep chromatography equipment with no interruption for over 20 years?



HPLC technology is highly versatile with almost no limitation in terms of chiral compounds to be purified.

Thanks to a comprehensive range of columns and pumping systems, the Prochrom® technology can be applied from early to commercial scale purification of chiral APIs. The DAC technology enables continued high quality separation by maintaining a stable, efficient packing over time.
Prochrom® is recognized as a market reference for its performance and robustness.

Explore Prochrom®


Novasep Varicol 5 1200 MmVaricol® is particularly efficient for producing 100's of tons of chiral APIs or intermediates, at competitive costs.

  • An improved productivity by 2- to 10-fold compared to batch HPLC.
  • Reduced operational expenses and industrial footprint with our patented solvent recycling technology (>99% of solvent)

This robust technology, used for 20 years by API producers (CMO and big pharma) in western countries, has now been adopted in India.

Explore Varicol®



Novasep offers a fully integrated range of chromatography systems coupled with custom, highly efficient evaporation, solvent recycling and storage units, dramatically reducing solvent consumption, environmental impact, and operating costs. Solvent recycling rates of up to 99.97% have been reported.

Keppra® is a registered trademark of UCB Pharma; Lexapro® is a registered trademark of Lundbeck A/S, Zoloft® is a registered trademark of Pfizer, Inc.

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