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Hipersep­­® Pilot, the world leading preparative HPLC skid


Looking for high flexibility, compacity and ergonomy in your preparative HPLC skid for pharmaceutical molecules?

Depending on molecule properties (size, charge, hydrophobicity, biorecognition), our product ranges allow for several purification techniques:

  • Reverse Phase Chromatography,
  • Normal Phase Chromatography,
  • Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography,
  • Ion Exchange Chromatography (Anion and Cation),
  • Size Exclusion Chromatography,
  • Affinity Chromatography.

It's red and it will change your life!


Main characteristics

Hipersep Pilot - Highly Flexible

over a 1,000 possible configurations fit with columns from 50 to 150mm I.D.

Hipersep Pilot - Sanitary Concept

Sanitary concept
easy-to-clean, minimized risk of cross-contamination

Hipersep Pilot - Compact ergonomic

Compact & ergonomic fits anywhere!

Hipersep Pilot - Maintain Control

Full skid automation to maintain control

Hipersep Pilot - Performance and Quality

Performance & quality
build your process with confidence

Hipersep Pilot - Worldwide Service

Worldwide service & technical support



Hipersep® Pilot

Productivity range (kg/day) in Batch mode


Productivity range (kg/day) in Cyclojet/Varicol®


Typical Prochrom® column diameters (mm)

50, 80, 110 and 150

Skid flowrate (L/h)


Gradient accuracy (%)

< 1

Max pressure (bar)



ATEX zone II, Class 1 Divison 2

Certifications / Equipment standards

CODAP, ASME for columns CE and UL for systems

Configurable options

High pressure injection module, Eluent & feed filters, Heat exchanger,Backflush configuration valves, pH conductivity, Nitrogen flush for product recovery, Up to 10 collections, Solvent recycling, Cyclojet process

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Need help choosing your HPLC purification system?

 Find out what the main considerations are for a successful project!


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    Hipersep® Pilot
    Highly flexible, easy-to-clean, compact & ergonomic: a new concept in the HPLC world!
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