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Hipersep® Process M: Performance is yours


Hipersep Process M, our new HPLC system!

A more powerful, faster and safer HPLC chromatography system

In response to current industry needs, Hipersep® Process M is designed for the purification of pharmaceutical molecules such as peptides, oligonucleotides, insulin and other synthetic molecules (small molecules and APIs).

Depending on molecule properties (size, charge, hydrophobicity, biorecognition), our product ranges allow for several purification techniques:

  • Reverse Phase Chromatography,
  • Normal Phase Chromatography,
  • Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography,
  • Ion Exchange Chromatography (Anion and Cation),
  • Size Exclusion Chromatography,
  • Affinity Chromatography.

The new system builds on the strengths of the Hipersep® Pilot, launched in 2017:

  • A highly technical yet easy-to-use unit,
  • A unique compact design (2.5 m² footprint),
  • The power of the Hipersep® SC software.

The newcomer offers a unique combination of features to meet new market requirements.

Guaranteed and repeatable performance

The innovation brought about by the skid lies in its ability to combine a pressure capacity of up to 100 bars and a compatibility with high temperature purification processes (up to 85°C), thus allowing for unmatched performance levels whilst meeting the stringent challenges of new pharmaceutical applications such as oligonucleotides.

Multiple thermoregulation functions are implemented and specifically designed to manage these high temperatures.

Scale-up flexibility

With an extended flow rate range, allowing for 60 to 500 l/h (20 to 200 l/h for the Low Flow version), Hipersep® Process M is compatible with Prochrom® LC 110 to LC 450 mm columns, thus offering the flexibility required at this level of production scale.

Peace of mind regarding cleaning validation. Fast and easy.

Many optimizations have been carried out in order to meet the complexity challenges of the new molecules and the sanitary requirements related to their production.

  • Choice of components based on their cleanability
  • Minimization of retention areas
  • Material traceability (3.1, USP VI, BSE/TSE certificates)
  •  Ability to use 85°C cleaning solutions

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Hipersep® Process M 

Productivity range (kg/day) in Batch mode*


Productivity range (kg/day) in Cyclojet process*


Typical Prochrom® column diameters (mm)

110 / 150 / 200 / 300 / 450

Skid flowrate (L/h)

20 to 200 low flow version

60 to 500 normal flow version

Gradient accuracy (%)

< 1

Max pressure (bar)


Temperature (°c)

Operating range: 5-60°C
Optional up to 85°C


ATEX zone II, Class 1 Divison 2, IEC Ex ready

Configurable options

Flowrate range, High Pressure injection module, Eluent & feed filters, Up to 9 inlets including binary gradient, Heat exchangers, Backflush configuration valves, pH conductivity, Nitrogen flush for product recovery, Up to 15 collections, Solvent recycling, Cyclojet process, Bubble trap, Up to 85°C operation, Electrical cabinet & Supervision screen location

 * Indicative data

On-Demand Webinars

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Watch the webinar introducing our new
HPLC chromatography system: Hipersep® Process M. 

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