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Antibody Industrial Symposium

27 Jun 2017 - 28 Jun 2017


Novasep has been a leading contract service provider in the ADC arena for more than 10 years, with a fully integrated supply chain, including bioconjugation, payload, linker & mAbs. Our commitment to ADCs is underlined by the recent €11M investment in a state-of-the-art bioconjugation unit at our Le Mans site, operational since January 2017.

Conjugation by Novasep

In 2016, Novasep and GTP Technology announced a partnership to join forces in the development and production of mAbs and recombinant proteins. This partnership offers biotech firms full CDMO services at all development stages from gene to end-product.

GTP and Novasep


Novasep will be exhibiting at AIS in Tours, France at booth # 14.

Don't miss our presentation on June 28th on the topic of "Integrated services for immuno-conjugate development and production".

Part 1: Symbiotic combination of R&D expertise and industrial leadership for successful development of mAbs

by Eric Devic, CEO at GTP Technology

In 2000, with a taste for challenge and a solid scientific background, Eric started GTP Technology which was one of the very few private organisations at the time to offer custom services for recombinant protein production. With a PharmD and a PhD, he also acquired experience in 2012 through Nobel Laureate Brian Kobilka’s lab at Stanford University School of Medecine. Eric has managed the strategic and operational development of GTP since the company was founded.

Part 2: Novasep's integrated solutions for ADC

by François D'Hooge, Head of Bioconjugation Unit at Novasep

After a PhD degree in Organic Chemistry from Rouen in 2004, François moved to the University of Tokyo for his first postdoctoral position, followed by positions at the University of Bath and the University of Oxford, applying organic chemistry to sensors and radioactive labelling of proteins. He then joined Glythera (Bath, UK) working on novel bioconjugation techniques, and in 2011 joined Spirogen (London, UK) to start the bioconjugation unit where he developed ADC conjugation techniques for the PBD platform. In 2016, François joined Novasep to head its brand new bioconjugation unit located in Le Mans.

More info at http://ais2017.fr/

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