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Continuous Biomanufacturing: Current Success and Future Trend

26 Jun 2017 - 28 Jun 2017


Novasep will be presenting on the topic of "Process Intensification Strategies" at the upcoming Continuous Biomanufacturing event in Oxford, UK.

Chromatography remains the main technique for purifying biomolecules from cell culture supernatant of mammalian or bacterial fermentation.

Traditional purification processes today are struggling to respond effectively to increase bottleneck. Some companies have been forced to modernize, optimize their purification processes. The objective is threefold: to work faster on smaller volumes, reducing production costs.

Technically, this means the introduction of in‐line dilution, use of more capacitive chromatography media, reduction of intermediate steps, changing purification recipes, reorganization of working time, adoption of new buffers, and use of new chromatography technologies...

 Among the new and proven technologies available, sequential and parallel chromatography perfectly match with all these challenges. It optimizes a single chromatography step called "batch" while keeping the same principle. By optimizing, we mean increase productivity i.e. work faster on smaller volumes while reducing production costs.

 Novasep committed to make available state of the art technologies, by developing:

- BioSc®: Process skids fulfilling requirements for sequential and parallel chromatography, but also integration of several chromatography steps.

- BioSC® Predict: Modelisation and simulation software, a process development accelerator enabling any scientist to start developing sequential and parallel chromatography processes without prior knowledge. With a few clicks, the user can switch from batch chromatography to an optimized chromatography process, ready to be run on the BioSC® equipments.





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