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Innovation: an integral part of Novasep’s DNA


Since its creation, Novasep has pioneered technologies across all of its areas of expertise. To name a few:

  • Cascading cryogenic reactions at multi-ton scale
  • Safely producing highly potent toxins for ADCs, or manipulating pathogens for new vaccine development
  • Numerical simulation enabling process optimization
  • SMB and continuous chromatography for chiral separation and bioseparations

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Novasep’s innovation team is composed of members that are integrated directly at our sites, interacting daily with operations, and also with external partners. Our goal is to foster exchange and cross-fertilization while developing open innovation.

Some of today’s main innovation areas for Novasep encompass continuous flow chemistry, intelligent process control, numerical optimization of chemical reactions, among others.

Novasep has established a Scientific Advisory Board to define strategic directions for our innovation. In addition to Novasep’s President & CEO Michel Spagnol, innovation and R&D executives, the SAB now includes two internationally renowned scientists: Pr Alois Fürstner of the Max Planck Institute für Kohlenforschung (Mülheim, Germany) and Pr Alois Jungbauer, of the Austrian Center of Industrial Biotechnology (University of Vienna, Austria).


You want to innovate in our areas of expertise and are looking for an industrial partner?
You are facing a challenge and you believe that we can be of help?
You are developing something that could be of interest for Novasep?
Maybe there’s a fit!

Feel free to contact us and describe your project; it will be evaluated in the strictest confidence and we will revert to you quickly.


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