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Novasep announces 2017 financial results

Novasep announces 2017 financial results
25 Apr 2018

Sales are up 4% at 282 M€
EBITDA is up 4.3% at 29 M€

Lyon, France, April 25th, 2018 – Novasep, a leading supplier of services and technologies for the life sciences industry, today announces a +4% increase of sales and a +4.3% increase in its EBITDA for 2017.

2017 has been a transition year during which Novasep ends its first strategic cycle
“Back to Basics”, from 2012 to 2017, and prepared the implementation of its second stage: “Rise-2”.

For that purpose, Novasep has reorganized its operations around two complementary Business Units:

  • Manufacturing Solutions
  • Process Solutions

Manufacturing Solutions offers process development and production of active ingredients services to pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Manufacturing Solutions has two service lines, Synthesis which concentrate the services for “small” molecules production, based on chemical reactions and Bio which offers services for the production of “large” molecules, based on bio-chemical processes.

Process Solutions offers process engineering services for the food/feed industry and a range of purification equipments for the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2017, the Manufacturing services had a strong growth in the biopharma sector (+14%) based on the capability of Novasep to catch this growing market while the synthesis activity remained stable, Novasep continuing its reorientation towards pharmaceutical Markets

Overall, Process Solutions sales are up 6% year on year. While the Industrial service line has been affected by the slowdown of the sugar market, the Equipment service line has attained an exceptional growth of 33% in 2017, confirming its objectives. The performance of this service line has been supported by the launch of new equipment range and an efficient commercial strategy, successfully gaining market shares in the LPLC segment.

Outlook for 2018

In just two years, Novasep has succeeded in developing and refocusing its offer to deliver higher margin for the business. This financial turnaround will now allow Novasep to position the company for its next strategic move, with new growth objectives including further investment in the Manufacturing Bio activity

Dr Michel Spagnol, Chairman & CEO of Novasep, comments: “Novasep’s strategy, called “Rise-2”, consists in executing 4 major investments (Antibody-Drug conjugates (ADCs), Viral Vector production facility, Fill & Finish manufacturing, Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) production facility) which aim to triple the Group’s profitability within a short period of time.

For press information, click here:https://www.novasep.com/press-release-about-novasep.html

Press contact:

Laure Saloin
Communication Project Manager
+33 7 77 94 37 52

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