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Novasep appoints a new Chairman for its Supervisory Board - Bernard Dubois, former Aventis Senior VP of Global Industrial Operations - (9/1/2010)

01 Sep 2010

Novasep appoints a new Chairman for its Supervisory Board Bernard Dubois, former Aventis Senior VP of Global Industrial Operations brings a wealth of experience to Novasep’s top management team.

Pompey, France, September 1, 2010 – Novasep, a leading supplier of manufacturing solutions to the life science industries, announces the appointment of Bernard Dubois as Chairman of its supervisory board. Bernard Dubois replaces Pietro Stefanutti, who decided to allocate most of his time to personal activities.

Pietro Stefanutti said, “even if in a more remote position, I will remain a shareholder of the group and will continue to contribute to the group’s strategic business development and to its operations in the Bahamas”. “I am very grateful to Pietro for what he did during the last years, and very pleased to continue working with him during the coming years,” added Roger-Marc Nicoud, founder and CEO of Novasep.

After the recent appointments of Patrick Glaser and Steve Stefano as heads of the Novasep Synthesis division and North American business, respectively, Bernard Dubois’ arrival demonstrates Novasep’s continued commitment towards industry leadership and operational excellence.

As a graduate of the renowned Ecole Polytechnique (France) with an MBA from Cornell University (USA), Bernard Dubois has accomplished a brilliant industrial career including positions as Executive Vice President at Philips Lighting North America (4,000 employees), CEO at Cooper (distribution of pharmaceuticals) and finally Senior Vice President, Head of Global Industrial Operations at Aventis (1997-2005).  In this last position, he orchestrated the industrial merger between Hoechst and Rhône-Poulenc, and was in charge of a pharmaceutical production entity of 19,000 employees. Since then, Bernard Dubois has contributed his deep knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry through consulting services.

“I am extremely pleased to welcome Bernard Dubois to head our board. I think that his strategic vision of industrial operations backed by an outstanding track record will be instrumental in helping us to continue building Novasep as the best-in-class manufacturing solution provider for the benefit of our customers, our employees and our shareholders,” said Roger-Marc Nicoud.

Bernard Dubois added, “I am excited to be associated and to contribute to the development of Novasep. What Roger-Marc and his team have accomplished in 15 years is remarkable. I believe Novasep has the potential to lead this industry, and I am committed to assist the management team and Novasep’s shareholders in making the right decisions for the future.”

About Novasep
Novasep develops, markets and operates innovative technologies providing life science industries with safe and cost-effective production of active molecules.  The global manufacturing solutions offered by Novasep include process development services; purification equipment and systems; contract manufacturing services; and complex active molecules. They apply to:
- Synthetic molecules, combining conventional chemistry with special technologies and know-how such as hazardous chemistry, asymmetric synthesis, HPAPI handling, low temperature chemistry, biocatalysis, process chromatography, etc.
- Biomolecules, with single unit operations or complete upstream and downstream processes including fermentation and cell culture, innovative batch and continuous purification technologies such as membrane processes, ion exchange, chromatography, crystallization and formulation.

As end-user of its own technologies, Novasep understands its customers’ challenges and shares its experience and know-how to provide the best solution with guaranteed performance.

The applications of Novasep’s offering cover the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, food, functional ingredients and bio-industries markets.

The company has six FDA inspected manufacturing plants in France, Germany and the Bahamas; two biopharmaceutical production sites in Belgium; R&D and equipment manufacturing facilities in the USA, China and France; and an office in Japan. It employs approximately 1,300 people and had annual revenues of EUR 300 million in 2009. More than 2,000 systems designed and produced by Novasep are currently purifying active molecules throughout the world. The company holds more than 200 different patents covering its technologies and processes.

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