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Purification equipment for mAbs

Purification equipment for mAbs


The typical manufacturing process of monoclonal antibodies (mAb) includes 2 to 3 chromatography steps for capture, intermediate purification and polishing. Concentration and diafiltration based on tangential flow filtration are also common steps of mAb downstream processing.

Novasep can provide you with chromatography systems, TFF solutions, and associated process development services for the manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies.


Novasep BioSC Continuous ChromatographyDownstream processing is recognized as the bottleneck of mAb manufacturing, characterized by a high Cost of Goods (for example due to protein-A resins) and by discontinuous batch-based operations.

With the BioSC®, our new continuous chromatography technology, you will reap significant benefits compared to batch chromatography, including:

  • reduced resin volume by up to 75%
  • reduced buffer consumption by up to 75%
  • smaller chromatography system with a reduced footprint

With the BioSC®, the process can be adapted to your process development strategy to generate the most competitive and efficient operation unit.

The BioSC® is also the perfect solution when you start considering switching to semi- or fully-continuous downstream processes for mAb manufacturing.

Learn more about our BioSC® technology.


The Prochrom®-Bio range is a chromatography technology that is perfect for intermediary purification and polishing steps of monoclonal antibodies. It is based on the Prochrom® technology, recognized as the market reference for industrial chromatography.

Prochrom®-Bio is characterized by competitive assets:

  • smart packing technology generating high quality packed bed for optimal mAb purification
  • compatible with 5 bars operations, ideal for use with modern media which generate more back-pressure
  • top-down piston technology making maintenance and cleaning easier

Learn more about our Prochrom®-Bio technology.


For clarification, concentration and diafiltration, tangential flow filtration remains an important technology for mAb downstream processing. Novasep can provide you industrial TFF systems adapted to your needs.

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