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Purification of peptides and oligonucleotides

Purification of peptides and oligonucleotides


Peptides and oligonucleotides are mostly produced by solid phase synthesis. This technique, while sophisticated, generates a number of impurities that are very closely related to the target “tide” (typically n-1 impurities, and stereoisomers).

Production of tides at high purity and yield requires sophisticated chromatography technologies.

Novasep Peptides Oligonucleotides PurificationNovasep can provide you with:

  • Prochrom® preparative HPLC columns and systems for high performance, reversed phase separations
  • Prochrom®-Bio low pressure chromatography systems for ion exchange and size exclusion
  • Automated evaporation and solvent recycling units to recycle up to 99% of solvents and dramatically reduce operating (e.g. acetonitrile) costs
  • Custom tangential flow filtration systems for UF/DF operations
  • Process development and optimization services to help you speed up your project



Over the years, our Prochrom® HPLC columns and systems have established themselves as the reference on the market.Novasep Prochrom HPLC Two Columns

Beyond the intrinsic high efficiency of our 100-bar rated DAC (Dynamic Axial Compression) columns, the ability of our Hipersep® systems to generate very reproducible eluents and gradients enables you to achieve very repeatable production runs, hence maximizing recovery yields for your valuable products.

Novasep’s Prochrom® technology will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Reproducible, high quality separations
  • Durable operations under industrial conditions
  • A linear scale-up from lab- (50 mm i.d.) to large-scale (1,600 mm i.d.)

Learn more about our Prochrom® technology.



The Prochrom®-Bio range is a robust low pressure chromatography technology, perfect for ion exchange and size exclusion chromatography steps.

With the Prochrom®-Bio technology:

  • Achieve high purification quality and reproducibility thanks to our unique packing technology and get access to repacking-in-place to improve the quality of the separation.
  • Secure timelines and process faster by operating at a higher pressure (up 5 bar) addressing the requirements of innovative stationary phases exhibiting higher back pressure.

Learn more about our Prochrom®-Bio technology.



For concentration and diafiltation operations, Novasep can provide tailor-made tangential filtration units, adapted to your process, consumables, and products.

Learn more about our TFF technologies.



As experts in chromatography systems and processes, we can help you optimize chromatography steps for the purification of your peptides and oligonucleotides. This can include:

  • sizing the system and defining the most appropriate resin
  • the definition and fine-tuning of process parameters
  • the contract purification of the first millimoles of your product
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