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Purification processes for bulk antibiotics
Fermentation & chemical commodities

Purification processes for bulk antibiotics


Working for more than 40 years in the fermentation industries, Novasep has gained a global and recognized expertise in designing industrial processes for the purification of bulk antibiotics.
Our experience includes the purification of cephalosporin, penicillin, erythromycin, vancomycin, etc.


Novasep Bulk Antibiotics Manufacturing ProcessNovasep’s cross-flow filtration technology based on Kerasep® ceramic membranes and modules are the reference for the clarification of fermentation broths in the industry providing an unparalleled operational lifetime (up to 6 years), and high fluidic performance.

Your antibiotics can be recovered either by ion exchange or adsorption resins. The Applexion® technologies are the best-in-class solutions for the capture of antibiotics; this cost-effective technology enables you to achieve the highest level of final product purity and yield.

Novasep is able to recommend to clients the optimum resin from its range of Applexion® XA resins, to capture the selected antibiotics.

For the evaporation and crystallization steps of clients’ bulk antibiotics manufacturing processes, Novasep is able to develop and deliver optimized systems adapted to local costs constraints.



Novasep Membranes MicrofiltrationNovasep’s project management methodology,provides our clients with cost effective, industrial scale solutions. Novasep’s expertise in filtration and chromatographic processes applied to antibiotics production enables us to guarantee the performance of final industrial processes.

Novasep has engineering capabilities in Europe, Asia and North America, which enables us to support antibiotic projects globally. We can also provide audits and process improvement services to increase process productivity and provide quick resolution to local process issues.

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