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Competitive processes for whey demineralization
Food ingredients

Competitive processes for whey demineralization


Upgrade your base production process to the most competitive level

  • Flexible processes adjusted to your targeted capacity for multiple grades (D30, D50, D70 and D90) and for all types of whey
  • Green and Costs effective: the exceptional 4-year lifetime of RALEX® electrodialysis (ED) membranes provides significant savings. Our processes allow operating costs, chemical use and energy consumption to be substantially reduced
  • High-performance: higher productivity than with traditional processes, and better recovery yield, guaranteed!

Our process solutions are optimized in order to maximize ROI…

  • Either with 1- to 2-step purification processes to minimize capital expenditure for smaller production capacities
  • Or with 3- to 4-step purification processes to minimize operating expenses and provide the best return on investment for larger production capacities

…while always allowing the most competitive production costs:

  • Optimized combination of technologies and processes
  • Guaranteed lifetime of NF/RO membranes, ED membranes and ion-exchange resins
  • Maximum throughput from processing equipment
  • Water recycling in the purification process, in order to reduce fresh water requirements and effluents

The map hereunder summarizes the proposed global strategy for each demineralization target and production capacity:

Dairy Map 2017

  • Processes for whey demineralization
    Processes for whey demineralization
    size: 1.2M
    date: 17/12/2014
  • Processes for the dairy industry
    Processes for the dairy industry
    size: 2.2M
    date: 17/12/2014
  • Process development and piloting services
    Process development and piloting services
    size: 2.0M
    date: 17/12/2014
  • Global offer for dairy ingredients
    Global offer for dairy ingredients
    size: 86.1K
    date: 17/12/2014
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