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Pilot studies and sample production
Functional ingredients

Pilot studies and sample production


The pilot study is a crucial step of any process development. It is also an important step before modifying an existing process for improvements or upgrades. In both cases, pilot studies demonstrate the capability of the new process to deliver the expected product specifications and give the opportunity to characterize the purified product after industrial treatment.

Novasep can support your efforts with more than 50 pilot units, available all around the world to perform pilot studies and produce the first kilos of your final product. According to your strategy we propose you to either:

  • Provide the pilot unit on your site to let you perform your own tests and studies
  • Get some of your feed to perform the pilot study for you in Europe, North America or Asia
  • Produce the first kilos of your product at our premises, combined with its full characterization

After performing a pilot study, we guarantee the performance of your final process!

Novasep SMdB Pilot Hall Novasep Shanghai Pilot Hall

Our pilot hall in Europe ( left) and our pilot hall in China (right)

We can also produce a tailor-made pilot unit on request.
The following operation units are available at pilot scale:

  • Batch chromatography, ion exchange and adsorption
  • Continuous chromatography, ion exchange and adsorption
  • Cross-flow filtration with both organic and ceramic membranes
  • Electrodialysis
  • Evaporation and crystallization

Novasep Analytical Lab PilotGoing further, we can help you in identifying the root causes of any deviation you observe in your process thanks to our unique audit and process improvement service, providing expert technical assistance and analytical capabilities within the industrial biotech industries.

If you need to produce larger quantities of product before investing for industrial scale production, Novasep can support your development strategy by implementing a plant dedicated to your product on our sites. We have successfully supported several companies in their product evaluation strategy by producing large sample quantities for further evaluation and test marketing.

  • Process development and piloting services
    Process development and piloting services
    size: 2.0M
    date: 17/12/2014
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