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Omega-3 and other PUFAs for high-end food supplements
Functional ingredients

Omega-3 and other PUFAs for high-end food supplements


Novasep can provide you with unique manufacturing services for omega -3 and other poly-unsaturated fatty acids from various biomass sources (fish oils, algae, etc.). Expert in high purity products, our contract manufacturing service can provide you with premium purity omega-3s for cosmetic, nutraceutical and functional food applications.

If you are looking to produce omega-3s for pharmaceutical application, please have a look at our dedicated page.


Novasep Omega 3 Supplement ManufacturingNovasep has the largest purification plant of omega-3 and poly-unsaturated fatty acids in the world, based on high pressure chromatography including Novasep’s Varicol® continuous chromatography and proprietary single-column chromatography processes.

Specialized in the purification of omega-3s, we can provide you with the following products*:

  • High purity EPA
  • High purity DHA
  • High purity EPA/DHA mixtures at any targeted ratio
  • Other fatty acids (omega 6, 7, etc.) and derivatives
depending on geography or products, limitations may apply.

Depending on your final application, we are able to comply with both HACCP and cGMP standards.
Typical examples of manufacturing processes:

Novasep Omega 3 EPA DHA Manufacturing Process



According to the amount of unsaturated fatty acid you would like to produce, we operate several manufacturing facilities with adapted utilities and infrastructures:

  • Pilot and moderate-scale productions from a few kilos to a few tons
  • Large-scale productions from 100s to >1000 tons

Novasep Varicol Prochrom Chromatography Omega 3
Thanks to our unique, patented solvent recycling technology, we can significantly reduce the Cost-of-Goods by recycling more than 99% of the solvent volume.

If you are looking for greener process options, omega-3s can also be purified at pilot scale with almost no solvent thanks to our Supercritical Fluid Chromatography Supersep®.

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