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Production of FOS from enzymatic transformation of sucrose
Functional ingredients

Production of FOS from enzymatic transformation of sucrose


FOS From SucroseFructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) have been used for many years as sweeteners and are today becoming increasingly popular for their potential as prebiotics. These fructose oligomers have a degree of polymerization (DP) ranging from 2 to 4 (DP2-4). FOS can be produced by enzymatic hydrolysis and isomerization of sucrose.

After the enzymatic treatment, it is necessary to remove impurities, including the enzymes and stabilizing products. Our Applexion® ion exchange technology can be used to demineralize the feed and remove these impurities.

This process enables production of FOS-55, meaning 55% of FOS on dry substance while the 45% remaining are composed by other oligomers (DP1 and DP>4). Due to its limited purity, the FOS-55 cannot be directly processed into powder, which is more valuable and easier to stock.

Our Applexion® SSMB (Sequential Simulated Moving Bed) chromatography technology can be used directly after the production of FOS-55 to further purify the FOS and recover only the most valuable fractions (DP2-4). The SSMB technology enables efficient production of FOS-95, which can be atomized and transformed into powder.

Novasep can also provide you with:

FOS can also be extracted as a secondary product from the inulin manufacturing processes.

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