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Production of GOS from the enzymatic transformation of lactose
Functional ingredients

Production of GOS from the enzymatic transformation of lactose


Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) or transgalacto-oligosaccharides (TOS) are mixtures of oligomers (galactose and glucose) characterized by a degree of polymerization (DP) from 2 to 4 (DP2-4). GOS are used as functional ingredients for food formulation, mainly in infant nutrition. They are known to present a prebiotic action by stimulating the growth of gastrointestinal bacteria and are thought to present other benefits for human health.

GOS From LactoseGOS are produced by enzymatic conversion of lactose, producing a mixture of oligomers with multiple degree of polymerization, including DP2-4.

Our Applexion® ion exchange technology can be used to purify the feed after enzymatic conversion by capturing enzymes and stabilizing agents. This first step enables the production of a pre-purified GOS (GOS 50-60).

As pre-purified GOS is difficult to process into powder as-is, Novasep’s Applexion® SSMB (Sequential Simulated Moving Bed) chromatography technology is the perfect tool to enrich and fractionate the population of oligomers to produce premium grade GOS. By fine tuning the global process, high purity GOS such as GOS-97 can be produced and easily transformed into powder by atomization; making it easier to stock and transport.

Since the type and quality of GOS is strongly impacted by the enzyme source, the enzymatic reaction conditions, the origin of lactose etc., the purification process can require significant customization to the particular feed. Novasep can help you design the best industrial solution with a proven process development methodology, from R&D to plant start-up.

If you need to produce your first kilos of GOS under industrial-like conditions to evaluate the potential of your product, Novasep can provide you with our sample production services.

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