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Applexion® XA chromatography and ion exchange resins
Functional ingredients

Applexion® XA chromatography and ion exchange resins


After more than 40 years designing industrial processes based on ion exchange and chromatography technologies, we have acquired outstanding expertise in providing state-of-the-art resins and associated services.

Novasep Applexion XA Resin WBA

In the last 10 years, tens of thousands of cubic meters of Applexion® XA resin have been used worldwide for the following applications:

  • Demineralization and de-acidification of sugar solutions, sweeteners, whey and organic products
  • Extraction and recovery of antibiotics and amino acids
  • Processing of organic acids: citric acid, lactic acid, succinic acids, etc.
  • Decolorization and removal of organic substances

Based on an extensive benchmark from pilot- to industrial-scale, each Applexion® XA resin has been selected and designed for specific applications and products. We can help you choose the best resin to maximize your process performance and improve your product quality.

An extensive portfolio of resins

Our portfolio of more than 50 references is composed of weak and strong acid cation resins; weak and strong base anion resins for ion exchange; and chromatographic and adsorption resins.  These resins are typically used for the following applications:

Resin reference Typical applications
XA 1041 Polishing of sugar juices, sweeteners beverages
XA 2021 Na Decalcification of beet juice
Demineralization of liquid sugar or fruit juices
XA 2023 Na Decalcification of beet juice
Demineralization of amino-acids
XA 2041 Na Decalcification of beet juice
Demineralization of liquid sugar, sweeteners, organic acids, fruit juices, plant extracts…
XA 3112 Demineralization of whey, lactose or organic acids
XA 3041 Demineralization and polishing of fruit juices, organic acids, whey, lactose, plant extracts…
XA 4042 Cl Decolorization of cane sugar syrup
XA 4122 Cl Demineralization of liquid sugar, sweeteners, whey, lactose…
XA 5371 Polishing of sugar juices, fruit juices, sweeteners, beverages, etc.
XA 2004/32 Ca or K Separation of glucose/fructose
Desugarization of molasses
Separation of organic acids, etc.

 More references are available; please contact us to learn more.

Resin expertise and process improvement

Novasep Applexion XA Resin Microscope

On request, we can perform an audit of your unit in order to:

  • Check the status of your resin
  • Fine-tune and improve your process for a better productivity
  • Propose modifications of your operating procedures to be more efficient in your daily work and increase the lifetime of your resin

If needed, our resin analytical services allow us to characterize your resin (swelling, moisture, fouling, micro-structure, etc.) to follow its evolution and make recommendations to improve your process’s performance.

We can also provide assistance or tailor made trainings for resin loading, unloading and replacement.

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