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CMO services | Novasep’s Pharmaceutical CMO Services offer competitive development and manufacturing solutions through a wide range of flexible assets, specialized technologies and advanced process capabilities for the synthesis and purification of APIs, HPAPIs and intermediates at all production scales. Novasep is a leader in certain technologies including hazardous chemistry, cytotoxic ingredients, HPAPIs, low temperature chemistry, coupling reactions.

Generic products | We produce several generic APIs and intermediates such as nitroglycerin, paclitaxel and omega-3.

Preparative chromatography equipment | The Group is a trusted supplier of preparative and industrial chromatography systems including HPLC, SFC and continuous chromatography equipment. We also use our own technologies to propose green and cost-effective contract purification services.


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Find in this infographic 8 reasons why customers choose Novasep as a CDMO partner.




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