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Customer services and expertise to maintain your equipment excellence

Customer services and expertise to maintain your equipment excellence


By maintaining and optimizing more than 2,500 systems worldwide, our customer service team can provide you with unparalleled expertise to improve your process, and get the most from your purification equipment.

For any request, question or concern, please contact us.


Novasep Customer Service Pump Check UpNovasep offers the two types of service contracts: Essential and Serenity. Each ensures regular contact with Novasep’s experts and both can be adapted if needed.

The Essential contract: the foremost in service
Beginning with a complete annual check-up, Novasep thoroughly defines the status of your equipment so you can decide which actions to plan according to your priorities. As an option, we can provide you with a list of critical spare parts which can then be stocked at your site.

The Serenity contract: an all-in-one package
This contract allows you to create your own contract by fine-tuning our service levels with the following options:

  • Annual preventive maintenance
  • Annual qualification of your equipment
  • Once-a-year support by one of our experts to improve process
  • Mid-year check-ups to anticipate future actions
  • Annual check-up of your system’s hardware and software parts
  • Get the critical spare parts at your site



Novasep’s customer service provides you with high quality spare parts specifically designed for your purification equipment. Novasep have selected the best cost/performance spare parts through our in-house engineering/quality control department. We maintain inventory of standard parts to ensure quick shipment

Novasep Customer Service Spare Parts


Novasep Customer Service Automatism Check UpTo avoid long production downtimes, we can support you:

  • To manage your system’s obsolescence and to anticipate changes that could put your production at risk
  • To improve the reliability and flexibility of your processing infrastructure with hardware and software upgrades
  • To make your daily work easier and more efficient with operational tools



In addition to the training provided at the delivery of the equipment, we provide our customers with tailor-made trainings to improve process understanding, and capacity to operate more efficiently. These training can include:

  • Chromatography principles and theory
  • Operating procedures and good practices with the equipment and process
  • Performing delicate operations such as packing, unpacking and frit replacement
  • Use all the functionalities of equipment operating software
  • Etc.



Our core expertise at Novasep is the development and optimization of chromatography-based processes.

Through audits by our technology and process experts, we can check the status of your separation, and provide recommendations to improve your current manufacturing process.

For any request, question or concern, please contact us.

 Novasep Customer Service Worldwide

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    Customer services
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    Training offering
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