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Project management

Project management

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We believe that the quality and transparency of communication with you and within our organization are crucial in delivering your project.

Each project is attributed to a professional project manager who is your dedicated point of contact at Novasep for the whole duration of the collaboration. The project manager coordinates all activities related to your projects and liaises between the different departments to ensure a smooth execution.

Specific organization and procedures are in place to manage custom synthesis and purification projects. The project manager also ensures an open communication with you to align strategies and objectives, to share and assess risk and to establish the change management process. They also lead the project team, composed of experts from each department, with complementary skills. Together they set ambitious, yet realistic objectives and they assess and manage risks.

This structure is particularly important for complex projects since they can involve multiple sites, teams and expertise. It allows us to deliver on our projects, whether large or small.

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    A full range of CDMO services for APIs
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    A full range of CDMO services for ADCs
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