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Generic paclitaxel API at competitive price

Generic paclitaxel API at competitive price


For 20 years, Novasep has been a reliable manufacturer of high-quality paclitaxel.

Recognized as a major producer, we have developed a highly cost-effective semi-synthesis route, including several chemical and chromatography steps.

 Novasep Generic API Paclitaxel Synthesis Route

Our paclitaxel is produced in specific facilities in Europe (Le Mans, France) designed for HPAPI handling, compliant with cGMP and inspected by ANSM, FDA and Japanese accreditation authorities.

The paclitaxel we produce is highly pure (>97%), compliant to USP, Eur.Ph. and Japanese Ph.

Our paclitaxel is registered in the USA (US DMF n°12294), Canada (CA DMF n°2006-225), Europe (CEP 2008-327) and Japan (J MF n°224MF10030).

Your paclitaxel is delivered under standard or customized packaging, preventing contamination from external sources and protecting people from unexpected contacts with the product.

Request information: generic@novasep.com

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