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What’s important to you?

What’s important to you?

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8 reasons why customers choose Novasep as a CDMO partner

Two-third of pharmaceutical manufacturing is outsourced.

So if you consider outsourcing your API manufacturing, you are not the only one. But how can you make sure you select the best partner for pharma?

Here are the 8 reasons (among many others!) why our customers choose to work with us:

 1. Quality assured

Outstanding regulatory track record

All 4 manufacturing sites recently inspected by the FDA with no 483s

37 successful customer audits and regulatory inspections in 2016

 2. Technology & innovation

A world leader in:

- Industrial chromatography

- Hazardous chemistry


- ADCs

Broad technology toolbox

Dedicated innovation team

 3. Process development expertise

Strong expertise in DoE to increase process robustness & accelerate timelines

96 process steps transferred from R&D into Production in 2016

 4. Flexibility

Multiple-site strategy

Over 500m3 cGMP reactor capacity with a wide range of equipment

 5. Continuous improvement

Ability to develop and implement innovative next generation processes to extend product lifecycle

 6. Project Management

Communication, communication, communication!

33 projects successfully completed in 2016

 7. Supply chain management

Tight control of raw material supply and continuous cost improvement programs

Expertise and China-based team for low-cost sourcing

 8. Corporate social responsibility

Explicit and relevant sustainable development policy

Alignment with customers' governance


Not convinced yet? Well, we won 13 awards at the CMO Leadership Awards 2017 !

Still not convinced? Contact us at: pharma@novasep.com



  • A full range of CDMO services for APIs
    A full range of CDMO services for APIs
    Novasep provides flexible development and manufacturing solutions for small molecules APIs and advan...
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