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Continuous Bioprocess White Paper Background

BioSC™ continuous chromatography for biologics


 BioSC System Product Range Landing Page

Downstream bioprocessing and process intensification

The Novasep BioSC™ technology caters for all requirements in the field of biologics purification, from the process development stage to industrial-scale operations. It is the first technology of its kind to enable multiple multi-column processes, as well as integrating downstream process steps.

The winning combination for your biologics purification

The BioSC™ is a groundbreaking low pressure continuous chromatography solution for the purification of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), blood fractions and other biologics: 

Adaptability: operations from 1 column up to 6 columns in batch, parallel batch, continuous chromatography or continuous process
Easy switch from batch to continuous, optimizing process parameters with BioSC® Predict software (Try for free the lite version)
Reduction of resin and buffer by up to 75%
Increased productivity by 2 to 6-fold

The only all-in-one tool on the market

Possibility to work with different process modes:

Process Scenario Screening


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