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BioSC™ Predict, exclusive simulation and optimization software


A deeper process understanding is becoming increasingly important to design a chromatographic separation method that consistently delivers high quality products.

BioSC™ Predict is an exclusive simulation and optimization software for the development of intensified chromatography processes for biopharmaceutical purification.

This process development accelerator enables any scientist to start developing their own continuous processes, even without prior expert knowledge. Combining this process characterization method with the BioSC™ Predict software, users can switch from batch chromatography to a streamlined continuous chromatography process, ready to be tested with BioSC™ Lab and BioSC™ Pilot. No matter what the BioSC™ technology is applied to, process simulation is essential for quick, simple and successful implementation.

Novasep designed its own simulation software, BioSC™ Predict, based on algorithms and real-case industrial data.


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