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Prochrom®-Bio columns


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mAbs, insulin, blood fractions, recombinant proteins, nutraceuticals, vaccines, viral vectors, veterinary compounds... demand reliable technologies to meet your challenges.

Prochrom®-Bio columns for intermediate purification steps

Prochrom®-Bio columns are amongst the most reliable chromatography columns on the market. They are designed to ensure cost efficiency and process robustness:

A unique and reliable packing method. Avoiding time-consuming screenings of packing conditions and optimizing media consumption (no extra media required = no loss, quantity prepared = quantity packed)

Prochrom®-Bio columns used in combination with a packing unit provides a fully automated packing solution, thus not dependent on the operator’s skill and experience.

Full range of sizes is available (150 to 1,600-mm diameter), all with a similar design for linear and accurate scalability.

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