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Elemental Packing Application Note Background

Elemental packing, simplified packing operation without compromising your performance



Currently, there are mainly three different ways to pack process chromatography columns: Flow packing, Pack-in-place, and Dynamic axial packing (DAP).

Novasep recently developed Elemental Packing on its Prochrom®-Bio columns combining pack-in-place and dynamic axial packing advantages.

This application note presents the principle of Elemental Packing, which is to reduce the tasks and the number of operations and devices to their strict minimum without compromising packing performance. It shows excellent results, achievable in a few minutes on the first attempt. Prochrom®-Bio columns 150, 200 and 300mm ID concentrate the essential features and benefits which make them accessible to everyone.

What you'll learn

Elemental packing principle
Elemental packing performance and reproducibility
Comparison between Elemental packing and traditional packings based on:  footprint, packing method, cost, ease of use, extra devices, performance and reproducibility.

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