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Picture Novasep Case Study Advanced Antibody Drug Conjugate Characterization

Case study: Advanced Antibody Drug Conjugate characterization


Case study: Advanced Antibody Drug Conjugate characterization cover


Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) are composed of a payload (small molecule) linked to a monoclonal antibody (biomolecule) via a linker.

ADCs are heterogeneous compounds, and more complex than unmodified monoclonal antibodies: to run analyses, a cross-functional understanding of both biologicals and small molecules is needed. Then, the appropriate analytical equipment - such as a mass spectrometer - is required to allow advanced characterization of these bioconjugates.

With 90% in-house analysis, Novasep’s QC experts have developed an internal platform method for fast ADC characterization. The method, presented in this case study, is now used for customer projects.


What you will learn:

> How ADC characterization using LC-MSE allows the analysis of multiple attributes in one analysis run
> How LC-MSE allows the detection of post-translational modifications, disulfide bridges and conjugation sites

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