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Applexion SC, chromatography for large-scale industrial-biotech applications

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Each separation features unique characteristics. Applexion™ SC provides you with the best chromatography process solution for your specific project.

Novasep has developed its expertise in chromatography for more than 25 years with a proven industrial track-record in the food, fermentation and bio-based industries. We continuously improve our solutions to offer you the best performance for your processes.


Industrial chromatography principles Applexion SC, getting the best out of your chromatography Binary and tertiary separations examples: SSMB and FAST technologies


Industrial chromatography principles

Chromatography is a technology of choice for large-scale purification processes:

  • Efficient: high purity fractions
  • Green: no effluents or chemical consumption
  • Cost-effective: very low operating cost
  • Productive: operating in continuous 24/7/350

This technology allows the separation of two components by using their difference of affinity with a resin. At industrial scale, it is implemented in a continuous fashion to reach the highest productivity.

Industrial Chromatography Principles


To learn more about how chromatography works and SSMB (Sequential Simulated Moving Bed) chromatography principles, take a look at the video below.

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ApplexionTM SC, getting the best out of your Sequential Chromatography

Each separation requires a specific process design to get the best performances.

ApplexionTM SC meets this challenge by combining:

  • A unique methodology to select THE solution tailored to your needs from a wide range of design options
  • Novasep’s industrial expertise in building, commissioning and maintaining performant chromatography systems

From R&D to plant start-up and beyond, ApplexionTM SC offers a one-stop shop for all your chromatography projects: optimization of well-established applications as well as development of efficient purification processes for new products.


Applexion SC Offer Overview


A solution tailored to your needs

To find the best solution for your project and achieve maximum performance, Novasep offers a wide range of design alternatives to choose from: sequentials (SSMB for 2 fractions, FAST for 3 fractions …), cell design, resins, and flow distribution.

Our unique 3-step selection methodology ensures that you make the wisest choices among these alternatives and get the best design for your project:

  • Resin screening test to find the best one for your process among ApplexionTM XA resins, the industrial reference
  • Numerical simulation for quick and reliable exploration of numerous design alternatives
  • Pilot studies to validate the design and guarantee the industrial performance

Industrial Excellence

Novasep has more than 25 years of experience in designing, building, commissioning and maintaining robust large-scale chromatography units. 

Chromatography Installed Capacity

After plant start-up, we offer a wide range of services to ensure that your system runs at maximal performance everyday:

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Binary and tertiary separations examples: SSMB and FAST technologies

Over the years, Novasep has developed or licensed the largest range of chromatography technologies for binary and tertiary separations: among them, the well-known SSMB and FAST chromatography.

Binary separations: SSMB technology and applications

ApplexionTM Sequential Simulated Moving Bed (SSMB) in its current form is the latest generation and most advanced multi-column chromatography system for binary separation.

Vue 3D ChromatoSSMB chromatography is the perfect technology to perform the continuous separation of two compounds or the binary fractionation of complex mixtures. It offers many advantages:

  • Limited CAPEX and footprint (low number of columns)
  • Reduced amount of installed resin
  • High recovery and purity to up to 99%


Typical applications of the SSMB technology include the production of:


Tertiary separations: FAST technology and applications


FAST Chromatography Column

FAST chromatography is the latest generation technology developed jointly between Novasep and DuPont Biosciences allowing the continuous and simultaneous separation of 3 fractions.
It is typically used in sugar factories for the desugarization of B-molasses and C-molasses to recover the sucrose that cannot be crystallized. Betaine is another fraction recovered, generating additional revenues for the factory.
FAST chromatography is also used in first generation bioethanol plants to recover betaine from vinasses.


Check on our complete offer for beet sugar and bioethanol factories.


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