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Pilot studies for your purification process optimization and development
Fermentation & bio-based

Pilot studies for your purification process optimization and development



Why use pilot studies? Piloting services Pilot Unit package


Why use pilot studies?

Pilot studies are a critical step for your purification process development. Pilot units are used to test the feasibility of your process, to define key parameters for process scale-up or even for a small production. You can also optimize your existing process to improve or upgrade it. 

Why Use Pilot Studies

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To reach your process development goals, Novasep provides 2 complementary offers depending on your needs:

  • If you need a full support for your process development, entrust the realization of your pilot studies to Novasep's piloting services
  • If you prefer to carry out your pilot studies on your own, get a performant pilot unit from Novasep


Piloting services: Full process development support from Novasep

Novasep can support you process development efforts. Pilot studies are performed with your feed to optimize the process to your needs. As part of our piloting services, our team can:

  • Define the most appropriate process line for your project
  • Determine your scale-up parameters
  • Simulate your process performances
  • Assure clean and safe procedures

We are doing for you the entire process from R&D to pilot studies, and even samples production. 

 From Rd To Pilot Studies

After performing a pilot study, we guarantee the performance of your final process!

In addition to pilot studies, we can produce the first kilos of your product from your feed under industrial conditions at our premises with our team of dedicated and highly skilled people.

We have successfully supported several companies in their product evaluation strategy by producing large sample quantities for further evaluation and test marketing.

After the validation of your process performance, Novasep can also take in charge the engineering and manufacturing of your industrial process.


Novasep SMdB Pilot Hall Novasep Shanghai Pilot Hall

Our pilot hall in Europe ( left) and our pilot hall in China (right)


More than 50 pilot units dedicated to a wide range of technologies are available in our pilot halls:

  • Batch chromatography, ion exchange and adsorption
  • Continuous chromatography, ion exchange and adsorption
  • Cross-flow filtration with both organic and ceramic membranes
  • Electrodialysis
  • Evaporation and crystallization

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Pilot unit package: Perform your own pilot studies

Novasep offers a wide range of pilot units so that you can perform your own pilot studies at your premises. All our expertise in conducting pilot studies and building industrial purification systems has been gathered to finely optimize our pilot unit range. We provide pilot plants for the main purification technologies:

  • Ceramic membrane filtration
  • Ion exchange
  • Continuous Chromatography 

Pilot Units Range


During your pilot studies, Novasep is always by your side. We help you get started with you pilot unit. Additionally, we can provide you with further assistance from our experts whenever you need it throughout your development.


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