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Purification of organics acids for the fermentation and chemical industries
Fermentation & bio-based

Purification of organics acids for the fermentation and chemical industries


  • Complete purification lines from broth clarification to evaporation and crystallization
  • Optimized purification of food or non-food organic acids
  • Innovative and eco-friendly gypsum-free process
  • Extensive Experience: Citric, Glucaric, Lactic, Succinic, Gluconic, Tartaric acids

Purification processes adapted to every production challenge

Organic acids are mainly produced by fermentation (fungi or bacteria) or oxidation of sugars. Depending on the microorganism used for the fermentation or the reaction conditions, the organic acid will either be in free acid form (citric acid, acetic acid) or salt form (lactic acid, succinic acid).

Mainly used for food supplementation, organic acids are also widely found in detergents, cosmetics and gain more and more interest as bio-based chemical building blocks.

Novasep has developed optimized purification solutions for every organic Acid, based on a unique portfolio of advanced purification technologies:

Novasep Organic Acids Technologies

Novasep designs optimized processes based on cost-effective technologies for all your OA projects


Depending on your location and your specific constraints (cost of energy and utilities, environmental constraints, etc.), we are able to provide you with best-in-class process solution thanks to our proven process development methodology.

Novasep’s wide range of process technologies will enable you to achieve cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions:

  • Novasep Continuous Ion Exchange Organic AcidNovasep’s Applexion™ Continuous Ion Exchange technology is the optimum process solution for demineralization, salt conversion and solvent-phase exchange.
  • MEGATM Electrodialysis technologies can help to achieve higher product purity up to 99.5% with extremely high recovery yield (96%). Further, it will provide the lowest effluent salinity.

Applexion™ SSMB Continuous Chromatography is a cost-effective industrial solution for :

  • Organic acids purification,
  • Sugars separation,
  • Mono/Oligomers separation
  • Product recovery in mother liquors (Citric acid, Threonin)

Novasep Citric Acid Application

10% of the worldwide citric acid is produced WITH our SSMB technology!



The gypsum free separation, developed and patented by Novasep, offers a very efficient and environmentally-friendly alternative for the purification of organic acids using Applexion™ SSMB technology. This process can be adapted to any organic acid produced under low pH conditions.

  • Less chemical consumption: Novasep Ssmb Continuous Chromatography Citric Acid

- No CaCO3 required with very little use of H2SO4
- Reduced need for activated carbon and ion exchange regeneration chemicals

  • Less waste:

- No gypsum waste
- Reduced liquid waste

  • Better yield:

- 97% using SSMB for broth
- 98.5% using SSMB for mother liquor

  • High purity: > 98%


Novasep’s Applexion™ SSMB continuous chromatography provides 20% lower OPEX for better productivity!

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