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Purification processes of chemical intermediates
Fermentation & bio-based

Purification processes of chemical intermediates


Novasep has developed a unique expertise in the development of industrial purification processes for chemical intermediates. In recent years, there has been a strong development of bio-based chemicals, to replace petrochemicals, and Novasep constantly develops advanced processes to address these novel process needs.

Based on a wide portfolio of purification technologies, Novasep’s processes are already being used to produce the following chemical intermediates at industrial scale:

  • Glycols such as MEG, DEG, 1,3-PDO, 1,4-BDO, glycerol, sorbitol derivatives, etc.
  • Furfural, HMF, phenolics and other lignin derivatives
  • Organic acids (succinic, glucaric, gluconic, adipic acids, etc.)


Novasep Applexion Continuous Ion Exchange UnitNovasep’s Applexion™ continuous ion exchange and adsorbtion technologies provide clients with the optimal industrial solution to decolorization, desalting, purification and salt conversion.

Benefits of continuous processing are:

  • Robust operations 24/7 with high product purity and recovery
  • Lowest consumption of chemicals and water
  • Reduced resin requirement compared to batch processing.

Applications include conversion of organic acid salt in the corresponding organic acid, demineralization of fermentation broth, and purification of Monoethylene glycol (MEG), etc.


Novasep Applexion SSMB Chromatography UnitApplexion™ Sequential Simulated Moving Bed (SSMB) chromatography is the most cost-effective solution for fractionation and enrichment of chemical intermediates.

SSMB enables to achieve the highest level of purity of the target molecule. Benefits of SSMB chromatography:

  • High purity of target product (97% to 99.5%)
  • High product recovery (98% to 99.5%)
  • Low solvant usage and no chemicals consumption
  • Possibility to operate with water, or organic solvents

Typical applications include the separation between monomers and oligomers, recovery and purification of organic acids, specialty sugars separation, etc.


Novasep Kerasep Microfiltration Unit ChinaKerasep® membranes and systems are the industrial reference for clarification and concentration processes.

Available for a wide range of cut-offs, the Kerasep® membranes are highly abrasion-resistant (up to a 6-year operational lifetime for 24/7 operation) and demonstrate excellent performance.

Typical applications include fermentation broth clarification, product concentration, etc.


Novasep provides state-of-the-art industrial evaporation and crystallizations solutions. Based on your manufacturing strategies and local cost constraints, we are able to optimize your CAPEX/OPEX (energy) balance by designing the optimum evaporation and crystallization technology combination.


Novasep’s project management methodology, provides clients with cost effective industrial scale solutions. Novasep’s expertise in filtration and chromatographic processes applied to antibiotics production enables us to guarantee the performance of industrial processes.

By using our process and technology expertise, we can provide audits and process improvement services to increase productivity and help resolve process issues.

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