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Customer service
Fermentation & bio-based

Customer service


We provide technical assistance, replacement media, custom training and spare parts around the world from our sites in France, China, India and the USA.

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Technical assistance worldwide

Novasep Customer Service On Customer SiteWe can help you achieve the best performance from your unit by providing custom solutions including:

  • Fine-tuning: together with our process experts and engineers, we can optimize the operating parameters of your process to reach its optimum productivity
  • Troubleshooting: thanks to our deep expertise, we can identify the root cause of any deviation and propose solutions to prevent them
  • Process expertise services: access to our process development experts and piloting services to improve your process performance

Going further, our experts can provide you with unique customized audits, analytical expertise and process improvement services.


Expertise for cross-flow filtration with ceramic and organic membranes

We can provide you with state-of the-art ceramic and organic filtration membranes, including the Kerasep® ceramic membrane line, well known for its performance and durability in Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration applications.

Novasep SEM Membrane Resin AnalysisOur associated services:

  • Module repairs on your site or at our premises
  • Ceramic membrane characterization with on-site sampling and analysis in our laboratories
  • Assistance for the selection of the best organic filtration membranes for ultrafiltration and nanofiltration
  • Process improvement to reduce chemicals and water consumption

Learn more about our cross flow filtration technologies.


Expertise for chromatography and ion exchange resins

Based on our extensive experience in using chromatography and ion exchange resins, we can provide you with the most adapted Applexion™ XA resins for your application. Each Applexion™ XA resin is selected thanks to a strict benchmark and extensive analysis of its behavior under industrial conditions.

To maintain your process at its optimum level, we also propose our resin-associated services including:

  • Resin status characterization through a full analysis
  • Troubleshooting of resin-related process issues
  • Assistance for resin loading and unloading

Learn more about our chromatography and ion exchange resins.

 Novasep Applexion XA Resin


Tailor-made training

Our team of experts can provide custom training sessions for your operational teams to help them operate safely and in compliance with the best practices. Your operators master your process: we will train them in how to prevent failure and optimize their daily work.

A responsive spare-parts service

We can also provide you with spare-parts and other consummables, specifically selected and designed for your system, including ion exchange and chromatography internals (nozzles, distributors,etc.), filtration membrane housing accessories, pumps, valves and instruments. To avoid downtime, we offer quick delivery by keeping most of these parts in stock.

Our newsletters:

Newsletter Customer Services  ENG Novasep Icon PDF / FRNovasep Icon PDF
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