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Starch sweeteners production
Food ingredients

Starch sweeteners production



Whether you need a single unit, a combination of several unit operations to improve your base process or a complete, turnkey process line including up to 25 combined units, we can help you overcome all your challenges:

  • Optimize OPEX and CAPEX according to your specific constraints (energy type and costs, product specifications, etc…)
  • Produce high and stable quality sweeteners from a wide range of starch raw materials (e.g. corn, wheat, potatoes, cassava, etc.)

Compact, robust & eco-Friendly process lines for the production of:

Novasep Starch Sweeteners

  • Acid-converted glucose syrup
  • Low DE glucose syrups
  • High DE glucose syrups
  • Maltose syrups
  • HFS 42, HFS 55, HFS 90
  • Crystalline dextrose / fructose through our cooperation with BMA (world leader in this technology)
  • Polyols (sorbitol, mannitol…)
  • Oligosaccharides
  • Fructose syrups



From any sources of starch, this simple process line enables you to produce any of the following:

  • High maltose syrups and high DE glucose syrups using two simple, free enzymes for liquefaction and saccharification.
  • Low DE glucose syrups using more complex enzymatic cocktails for the saccharification step

Novasep Glucose Syrup Process From Starch

  Novasep Ion Exchange Demineralization Novasep Membranes Microfiltration

Green and cost-effective

Steps 1 & 2- We help you to find the best enzymes for both conversion steps, liquefaction and saccharification.

Step 3- Our Kerasep® ceramic membranes minimize or eliminate consumption of filtering aids and activated powdered carbon, and reduce effluent production and manpower. The soluble proteins are eliminated by microfiltration, reducing the costs of further refining. The microfiltration retentate, enriched in proteins and fat, can be recycled and valorized as a co-product in the corn wet milling process.

Step 4 - Our highly-efficient and compact up-flow ion-exchange demineralization and decolorization systems provide you with a better quality of final product and a lower consumption of chemicals, water and resin.

5- Thanks to an optimum use of the compact multiple effects plate & frame or tubular evaporators, the recolorization of the purified syrups is minimized: the quality is thus preserved during storage and shipping.


High-Fructose Syrup (HFS) - also called Isoglucose, is a group of starch-based sweeteners produced by converting glucose into fructose to produce the desired sweetness. It is typically used as sugar substitute and is ubiquitous in processed foods and beverages.

Novasep Sweetening Power

  • HFS42 is used in many foods and baked goods
  • HFS55 is mostly used in soft drinks
  • HFS90, sweeter than sucrose, is primarily mixed with HFS42 to make HFS55 but also used in small quantities for specialty applications

Novasep designs and implements your processes according to High Fructose Syrup 42 and 55, Quality Guidelines and Analytical Procedures, from ISBT (International Society of Beverage Technologists), which have been developed by major producers and end-users.

Our continuous chromatography separation system Applexion™ SSMB (Sequential Simulated Moving Bed) provides lower water and resin requirements and increased glucose/fructose separation performance. SSMB can also be used for other separations: enrichment of dextrose, maltose, polyols separation, etc.

With more than 70 projects successfully completed worldwide, trust the efficiency of our processes to enlarge your opportunities!

Novasep HFS And Derivates

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