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Audit and process improvements services
Food ingredients

Audit and process improvements services


With 40 years of experience in designing processes, commissioning plants, and developping new technologies, we acquired expertise in industrial manufacturing processes used among the food, fermentation and chemical commodities industries.


Novasep Customer Service On Customer Site

Our customer service together with process experts can perform periodic audits of your existing processes to propose  improvements and make your operations more efficient and profitable.

This audit can provide you with several options:

  • Fine-tuning of your operating conditions to reach the optimum performance of your process
  • A tailor-made training program for your operational teams to make sure they perform each operation optimally and in compliance with good practices
  • More advanced process modifications and upgrades to significantly increase your productivity


Novasep SEM Membrane Resin Analysis

During the course of manufacturing operations, the performance of your process can be altered. The consequences can be significant including a loss of productivity, quality and in worst case, the impossibility to reach targeted product specifications.

This can have multiple, non-obvious causes, such as variations in the raw materials, flocculation during processing, problems with washing and rinsing effluents, the persistance of coloration, etc.

To help you identify the problem and take appropriate action, we can provide you with services unique in the industry:

  • Identifying the exact causes of your process- or product-related problem thanks to complete and unique analytical capabilities
  • Developing the analytical methods to be implemented at your site to make sure you will be able to anticipate the problem
  • Proposing and designing process upgrades to prevent the problem from occurring again
  • Implementing this process solution at your site after demonstration of its efficiency through piloting studies.

We can provide a rare analytical expertise for multiple products, using various international norms (ICUMSA, ISBT, AFNOR, JEFCA…), adapted to food and bioindustrial markets, including:

Products Analytical Official reference
Sugar syrup Color, turbidity, suspended mater, sugar composition, hardness, dextrose equivalent, etc. ICUMSA GS1/3-7, ISO, AFNOR, CORN REFINERS, etc.
Thin juice CaO content, suspended mater ISO, AFNOR
Starch Dry mater, starch content, proteins, ashes, etc. CORN REFINERS, ICUMSA, AFNOR, etc.
Whey, WPC, UF permeate, NF retentate, etc. Undissolved solids, ashes, lactose, total nitrogen, protein nitrogen, total protein, ionic composition, riboflavin, heat stability, etc. Customer’s standards
Oligosaccharides : GOS, FOS, XOS, etc. Oligosaccharides composition, etc. Customer’s standards
Fermentation broth, amino-acids, organic acids, wood hydrolysate, lignin, etc. Ashes, sugar composition, ionic composition, organic acid composition, proteins, amino-acid composition, etc. Customer’s standards


Novasep Shanghai Pilot Hall

We can provide continuous improvement services to regularly increase the competitiveness and profitability of your process.

In this partnership, we investigate all your operation units and regularly propose solutions such as parameter adjustments and process modifications.

Contact us for more details.


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