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From unit operations to process lines



 Our main technologies


 Kerasep logo

Kerasep™ ceramic membranes are the industry reference for micro, ultra and nanofiltration.
The Kerasep™ range offers a large choice of geometries and cut-offs to meet your process requirements in viscosity, molecule size, impurity profile, purity and yield target, as well as cleaning and sanitization procedures.

Thanks to our 30 years’ experience with ceramic membrane manufacturing and utilization, Kerasep™ membranes are designed for the best compromise between high selectivity, high permeability and excellent lifetime. We individually engineer the hydraulic profile and the sub- and active- layers to maximize the filtration surface and the mechanical resistance.

The Kerasep™ membrane range includes the Diamond II membrane featuring outstanding resistance to abrasion, with a guaranteed lifetime of up to 6 years. On fermentation broth clarification, we have membranes running for more than a decade!

All Kerasep™ membranes are compatible with Kerasep™ modules to build entire Cross Flow Filtration (CFF) solution for the industry. Extremely robust, the Kerasep™ skids are designed to provide the user with high-performance, easy cleanability and maintenance and optimized operating cost.

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Kerasep™ membranes and modules

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Applexion SC logo

Applexion™ SC (Sequential Chromatography) is the solution for your chromatography project. Our years of experience in chromatographic separation allows a fine optimization of traditional applications and a fast development of new processes.

Since each separation requires a specific design to get the best performances, Applexion™ SC is developed with a unique methodology to select THE solution from a wide range of design options. Novasep highly experienced team works also on the integration of the Applexion™ SC in your existing or future process line.

Novasep has the industrial expertise to ensure process development, equipment design and commissioning.

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Applexion™ SC

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Applexion Ion Exchange logo

Applexion™ Ion exchange is our versatile solution to overcoming several purification challenges within the food, fermentation and bio-based chemical industries. Recognized as a world leader in the field, Novasep offers unique expertise in designing ion exchange and adsorption systems, as well as providing the right resin to reach the best performance.

Our product portfolio includes batch ion exchange and a fully continuous solution, simultaneously performing separation, washing, regeneration and rinsing steps for a more compact and productive use of resins. Novasep also develops mixed bed polishing and decolorization systems by various adsorbents.

Especially, Applexion™ Ion exchange units are very efficient in cane sugar decolorization, in demineralization of various product such as fructose, glucose, citric acid, lactic acid and purification of amino acids.

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XA resins

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Our different liquid separation technologies are often combined for complex tasks of purification. Through strong partnerships with other technology leaders, Novasep can develop and supply production process lines to perfectly match your objectives.

 Process lines


The Novasep "good start initiative"
For complex projects, that we typically encounter in process development or new process lines cases, a multi-step approach is often deployed. Novasep has developed its "good start initiative" thanks to decades of experience and customer feedbacks.

Novasep Good Start Initiative

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