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Production of proteins from plants
Functional ingredients

Production of proteins from plants


As the prices for proteins extracted from animal sources increase, proteins extracted from soy, wheat, pea, rice, canola, etc. are gaining interest as food supplements and functional ingredients. Today, many companies are searching for new opportunities either by valorizing their effluents or by developing brand new applications for albumins, globulins, glutelins, prolamins, vicelin, legumin, etc.

Novasep Rice Protein Purification


Thanks to 40 years of experience in designing industrial manufacturing plants from R&D to commissioning, we can help you define the most adapted process for your product. To limit the risks and verify if your product is of expected interest, it may be safer to produce some samples under industrial conditions prior to investing. To do so, we can provide you with sample production services combined with extended analytical capabilities.

We can then support you with our proven project management methodology to bring your project from concept to the industrial scale for the production of your plant protein.


Novasep Soy Protein PurificationFinding the most efficient purification route can be very challenging when the objective is to produce a new product in an industrial and sustainable manner.

We can help you design your manufacturing process based on proven industrial technologies.

Applexion™ ion exchange technologies will provide you with demineralization, capture and purification solutions based on the charge of your protein. Our adsorption technologies can be used to improve the organoleptic properties of your product by removing odors, colors and tastes.

Our Applexion™ SSMB (Sequential Simulated Moving Bed) chromatography is the best choice for fractionation and fraction enrichment. It can be used to recover the most valuable part of your product while being very cost-effective compared to other alternatives, without any chemicals consumption.

To reach very-high purity, typically for pharma or clinical applications, we can also provide you with our Prochrom®-Bio chromatography solutions, commonly used for the purification of proteins for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

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