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Applexion™ NF organic nanofiltration membranes
Functional ingredients

Applexion™ NF organic nanofiltration membranes


Expert in designing membrane filtration processes and in the selection of most adapted organic membranes, we propose several high performance, organic nanofiltration membranes for industrial applications.

Applexion NF300, for cane sugar decolorization

Novasep Applexion Nanofiltration UnitThe Applexion NF 300 is a cost-effective organic spiral membrane dedicated to Nanofiltration.

Based on a proven technology, the Applexion NF300 is highly resistant and specifically well-adapted for recovery of caustic brine used for regeneration of cane sugar decolorization processes by ion exchange.

In addition to a large filtration area, you will benefit from:

  • A resistance to harsh conditions (extreme pH, high temperatures and high operating pressures)
  • Excellent retention of high molecular weight compounds (colorants, divalent ions, etc.)
  • A high permeability from 5 to 10 m3/h


Applexion NF150, sanitary membranes for dairy applications

Novasep Dairy Nanofiltration Reverse OsmosisThe Applexion NF150 is a compact, sanitary spiral membrane typically used in the dairy industry for the nanofiltration of whey and whey permeate. The membrane demonstrated excellent performance for dairy applications, with a rejection rate of >95% for MgSO4.

The associated modules are robust, highly capacitive and designed for an enhanced fluid distribution, enabling you to operate at high flow rates.

Learn more about our cross-flow filtration technologies.

For other references or applications, please contact us directly.


Want to make the right choice or improve your filtration process?

If you are planning to invest in a new filtration unit or change the type of your membranes, we can provide you with pilot units and piloting studies to ensure you are making the right choice. Thanks to our process development methodology, we can guarantee the performance of your industrial process!

If you are experiencing issues with your current filtration process, we also propose audit and process improvement services so you can identify the exact cause of the problem. You are provided with recommendations or technical upgrades in order to prevent its occurrence.

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