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Services throughout your equipment lifetime


From lab to industrial, Novasep supplies purification equipment, solutions and services.

Industrial excellence


Firstly, our team of researchers and engineers design and build process units and process lines. From lab, including the definition of feed material, lab screening and numerical simulation, until commissioning step, they design easy to use and robust system, combining customer standards and Novasep quality.

Our goal is to meet and maintain optimized performance during the lifetime of the equipment. Numerous events require adaptation of the production and separation parameters: feed variation, production goal, resin ageing, for example. Discover our tools and services during the run and perform phase.

Finally come the upgrade and revamp services. A change of use (feed, new product, capacity...) can require revamping of the system. We have also numbers of upgrades and additional features on an existing equipment (new functionnality, automation...) to reach maximum potential in the new conditions.


Design And Build

Design and supply of process and equipment

Each year, Novasep’s team develops about 30 processes for large scale industrial and biotech applications.

In particular, our team can:

  • Define the most appropriate process line
  • Determine your scale-up parameters
  • Simulate your process performances
  • Produce your samples from kg to ton scale
  • Assure clean and safe procedures
  • Guarantee the performances of your process

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Webinar Explore the journey of a chromatography project from lab to industrial

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Run And Perform

Performance management

Novasep provide continuous improvement services to regularly increase the competitiveness and profitability of your process. In this partnership, we investigate all your operation units and regularly propose solutions such as parameter adjustments and process modifications.

Our objectives:

  • Ensure everyday’s performance
  • Reduce products inputs (yiels, chemicals…)
  • Extend lifetime of consumables

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Get the best from your production unit with our 4Ts program

4T Program

Upgrade And Revamp

Re-engineering & revamping services

Our customer service together with process experts can perform periodic audits of your existing processes to propose improvements and make your operations more efficient and profitable.

We can propose process optimizations specific to your unit:

  • Performance improvement (capacity, yield, recovery)
  • Operating costs reductions (power, chemicals & water usage, waste water)
  • Process changes (product specifications…)

These process optimizations may lead to revamping projects involving:

  • Process and mechanical design
  • Automation upgrade
  • Equipment specification and supply
  • Commissioning
  • Project management

which our team can handle for you!


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