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From R&D to plant start-up: your project is in good hands


With a 40-year history of delivering high performance operating units and complete process lines, we have developed a smart and optimized project management methodology. Your project is in good hands at Novasep!

Novasep Project Management IB


Novasep Engineering BlueprintOur R&D teams work on more than 20 processes each year. They measure and characterize the critical parameters of your process with screening and feasibility studies. If necessary, we can transfer your analytical methods or develop new ones.



Hand-in-hand with the R&D teams, our process experts design and size your process to be compatible with industrial operating conditions. Our industrial technology experts make sure you are provided with the most cost-effective solutions to deliver your product at specifications.

Pilot studies are performed to demonstrate the performance of the process and to produce the first kilos of your product under industrial conditions (learn more about our piloting services). At this step, the performance of your industrial-scale process is guaranteed by Novasep.



Novasep Plant ConstructionOur engineering team generates PID and 3D views of the final design of each unit operation. Electricity and automation designs are finalized while the specifications of each material component are defined.


From the beginning a project management team is dedicated to your project that includes our purchasing department, supply chain experts, quality department and experienced project managers.

The purchasing team deployed in Europe and Asia find the best suppliers while the quality team checks on the quality of any outsourced production. The materials routing is managed by our supply chain experts on the building site and the construction is followed locally.



Our commissioning engineers, together with process experts, come on-site to fine-tune the process parameters and to perform all necessary tests before start-up. The unit is started up by Novasep and your employees are trained to operate the system safely and with the best operating practices.



You are not alone while you run your plant: if you need assistance, our customer service becomes your main contact at Novasep and will assist you. It can provide you with tailor-made trainings, replacement media and spare parts, troubleshooting support, audits and process improvements studies.



Our quality service is involved in every project to make sure procedures are well defined and respected. We apply the lean-6-sigma approach to deliver high-quality solutions. As your satisfaction is crucial, the quality department will follow up on your claims during and after the project.


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