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LPLC Prochrom®-Bio


Our Prochrom®-Bio low pressure chromatography columns and systems provide highly reliable and robust solutions, designed for industrial processes and heavy duty operations.

The range, very complete with lab- to large-scale equipment, includes:

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Prochrom®-Bio is a smart chromatography solution for biopharmaceuticals applications such as:

Prochrom®-Bio columns

Novasep Prochrom Bio System

Our low-pressure chromatography columns are designed for convenience and high-performance:

  • Robustness: Prochrom®-Bio columns are recognized for their durability and reliability. We guarantee the performance and robustness of both our systems and processes.
  • Performance: The flow distribution has been optimized with more than 25 years’ experience designing industrial chromatography equipment to reach the best chromatographic efficiencies with any media, maximizing the purity and recovery yield of your biopharmaceutical.
  • Flexibility: Hydraulically actuated piston provides the user with unparalleled flexibility during preparatory, manufacturing, cleaning and maintenance operations. The piston height can be adjusted independently in a few seconds by a single operator!
  • Adaptability: Guaranteed high performance with all media and column heights.

 Novasep Chromatography Prochrom Bio Column Range

Prochrom®-Bio Columns LP 300, 600, 1400 mm (internal diameter)

Internal diameter (mm) Max Bed volume (L) Materials Max operating pressure
LP150 150 5,3 Acrylic or
Stainless Steel tubes
Up to 5 bars
LP200 200 9,4
LP300 300 21
LP450 450 73
LP600 600 130
LP800 800 150
LP1000 1000 240
LP1200 1200 350
LP1400 1400 440
LP1600 1600 580

 Our columns can be customized upon request.

Smart packing technologies

Novasep Chromatography Packing Unit Bio L ATEX

Because chromatography is an important and ubiquitous unit operation in downstream bioprocessing, FDA inspectors are showing an increased interest in the reproducible packing characteristics of chromatography columns. Novasep provides two efficient packing systems, depending on the size of the column.

  • Elemental Packing (150 – 300 mm)

For pilot-scale columns (150 – 300 mm), Elemental packing reduces the tasks and the number of units to their strict minimum without compromising packing performance.

  • Easy to use: No need to carry the piston or to pour the slurry so it can be easily manipulated by anyone. It shows excellent results achievable in a few minutes on the first attempt.
  • Reproducible results: Thanks to a limited number of steps, results are not dependent on the skills of the operator so they are highly reproducible.
  • No extra devices: The column is self-sufficient and does not require any extra devices such as pumps or packing units, limiting the investment required.

  • Automated Packing (450 – 1600 mm)

Prochrom®-Bio Automated packing units bring true advantages to the user by optimizing media slurry injection and minimizing time outside of manufacturing steps. Combining the packing unit with Prochrom®-Bio column from 450 to 1600 mm provides the following benefits during packing, repacking in place and unpacking operations:

  • Homogeneous packing, right the first time: The packing is performed in upflow mode from the packing valves located on the bottom of the column, preventing settlement effect and ensuring better packing performance. A repack in-place in situ procedure is available and may prevent from unpacking and repacking the column.
  • A single and unique packing method: No need to screen multiple parameters.
  • Simplified maintenance: Column maintenance is performed at ground level and the  number of spare parts is limited.
  • No media waste: Inject the exact required volume of resin into the column without any additional margin and save up to 5 –10% slurry.
  • Reproducible packing guaranteed with batch record: Once the packing conditions have been defined, they are saved as a recipe and can be repeated automatically. The packing quality becomes operator-independent and reproducible.
  • Quick unpacking: The unpacking operation is performed quickly and with very little buffer (2 to 3 CVs) thanks to the motorized piston which continuously reduces the remaining volume to be flushed. The recovered gel can be reused immediately with no further retreatment.

Prochrom®-BIO Hipersep systems for pumping and collection

Novasep Chromatography Hipersep Bio XL Atex

Novasep Prochrom Bio Hipersep S

Hipersep®-Bio systems are automated low-pressure buffer delivery modules for preparative chromatography in cGMP biopharmaceutical environments. These systems manage injection (buffer, product, etc.) into the chromatography column; detection and collection of the target fractions.

In combination with our Prochrom®-Bio columns, you get the best from low-pressure chromatography.

Flow Rate Range
15 - 120 50 - 500 200 - 1000 300 - 3000

Typical Column
I.D. (mm)

Pressure Rating
Up to 5 bar
Fraction Collection Up to 10
Dectection Air, pressure, pH, conductivity, UV

Our equipment includes advanced Process Analytical Technologies compliant with the FDA PAT guidelines, such as a high performance in-line dilution module, as well as smart fraction collection software, and a column back-flush valve enabling elution direction reversal into the column.

Hipersep®-Bio systems can be customized to meet specific needs, including:

  • 5 to 10 additional collection valves for an increased flexibility
  • Design for operation in explosive environment (ATEX/Ex-Proof)
  • Integration of an in-line dilution module to reduce footprint, CAPEX and optimize buffer management
  • Heat exchanger to control buffers temperature, especially adapted for temperature-sensitive purification or locations with difficult temperature constraints

In-line dilution systems

Our in-line dilution technology enables our customers to directly prepare buffer from water and concentrated buffer solutions. This approach presents several benefits including:

  • Footprint reduction: large storage capacity is no longer necessary
  • CAPEX reduction: no need to invest in big storage tanks
  • More flexibility: the buffer concentration can be adjusted directly
  • Lower OPEX: use only the amount of buffer required

Our in-line mixing technology can be integrated in our technologies. It can also be supplied as a stand-alone unit (optional).
This equipment is custom made depending on your process and requirements. Please contact us to learn more.


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