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BioSC™ continuous chromatography for biologics

BioSC Pilot Winning combination

The BioSC™ is a groundbreaking low pressure continuous chromatography solution for the purification of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), blood fractions and other biologics:

BioSC Lab

  • Adaptability: operations from 1 column up to 6 columns in batch, parallel 
     continuous chromatography or continuous process
  • Easy switch from batch to continuous, optimizing process parameters with BioSC® Predict software (Try for free the lite version)
  • Reduction of resin and buffer by up to 75%
  • Increased productivity by 2 to 6-fold

You want to know by how much it could improve your process?

Ask our experts for a simulation!

 Continuous Bioprocessing White Paper Visual

A Market in Continuous Evolution     Technology Evolution


MAbs , insulin , blood fractionation , recombinant proteins , vaccines and viral vectors demand innovative technologies and bring new challenges:

  • Continuous processes (perfusion …) and high titer feed (fed-batch) are more and more developed in USP. DSP is now becoming the bottleneck of biopharmaceutical processes.
  • Large volumes of buffer and high priced media required, long process times, target protein degradation.
  • Process intensification , flexibility of equipment, CAPEX reduction, smaller footprint.
  • Time-to-market with lower costs at the same quality (biosimilars)
  • Environmental challenges (buffer reduction, waste treatment…)
  • High value blood proteins…


A precursor in continuous process improvement

For decades, Novasep has worked on continuous chromatography and has built the largest FDA-audited continuous chromatography platform at commercial scale. To adapt to the current biopharma challenges, Novasep is committed to delivering expertise in continuous chromatography, know-how by developing the state-of-the-art BioSC™ Sequential Chromatography platform . 


Batch to continuous
  • Single column
  • Each portion of the resin is working
    for a very short period of time


  • Multiple columns in series
  • Media is used at its maximum capacity
  • Target molecule is not lost
  • Load more & faster



The only all-in-one tool on the market

Great power, small footprint!

Possibility to work with different process modes:

Batch chromatography Parallel Batch Continuous chromatography Continuous Process
Batch Process Parallel Batch Continuous Chromatography
from 2 to 6 columns
Continuous Process
  • Wide range of process scenario screening: Possibility to work from 1 to 6 columns or membrane to adapt all customer objectives (productivity, buffer and media savings…)
  • Whatever your elution strategy (sequential, linear or step gradient) or your process strategy (mono or multi-resin), BioSC™ allows you to develop or process in accordance with equipment specifications.

Predict your future!

BioSC™ Predict is the unique simulation and optimization software for the development of continuous chromatography processes dedicated for the purification of biopharmaceuticals.

It is a process development accelerator enabling any scientist to start developing continuous chromatography processes even without prior knowledge.

BioSC Predict

With a few clicks, the user can switch from batch chromatography to an optimized continuous chromatography process, ready to be tested on the BioSC™ Lab equipment.

Don't miss your chance to get your own copy of the BioSC™ Predict Lite, available in a Lite version for you to test in the download section.


In addition to the standard chromatography sensors (pH, UV, conductivity), BioSC™ also features extra sensors (flowmeter, pressure, temperature) for PAT approach.

21CFR Part 11 & GAMP 5 ready control software


BioSC™ control software enables user-friendly, secure and traceable production compliant with FDA recommendations for PAT approach implementation:

BioSC Control Software

  • Multi-level access control
  • Recipe editor
  • Real-time monitoring of all process parameters

Upon request, the operating software can be connected to other databases or Distributed Control Systems (DCS) (Delta V).


Proven Continuous Scale-up

Whatever your scale, Novasep can provide the right continuous solution:

  Lab Scale Pilot Industrial
Number of columns 1 to 6
Productivity Range (kg/day) <  0.01 0.1 Customized
Typical Column Diameter (mm) 5 to 16 25 to 200
Flow Rate Range (mL/min) 1-30 83 to 2500
Standard Max Operating Pressure (barg) 5 5
Dimensions WxHxD (cm) 69x90x63 200x200x100*
Weight (Kg) 120 300*

 *For a three modules configuration. 

Fast and Continuous Global Support

  • Capitalized on Novasep’s know-how to become an expert on Novasep technologies with our wide range of training offerings (equipment , process , maintenance, software).
  • Through our process development team and experts, we have the possibility to develop, optimize and industrialize your valuable ideas and molecules.
  • Stay up to date with our software upgrade services package.
  • Maximize your up time by managing your OPEX with different levels of maintenance contracts.
  • Based on your needs, you have the best of Novasep readily on your site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to respond to any urgency.
  • Try Novasep technologies with your molecule at site before adopting them with our rental offering.
  • BioSC™ Pilot
    BioSC™ Pilot
    BioSC™ Pilot, from chromatography skid to DSP skid for biologics
    Download +
  • Prochrom-Bio LPLC Columns
    Prochrom-Bio LPLC Columns
    Download +
  • BioSC™ Predict Lite Software
    BioSC™ Predict Lite Software
    Download +
  • BioSC™ System Product range
    BioSC™ System Product range
    Download +
  • Prochrom Hipersep-Bio LPLC skids
    Prochrom Hipersep-Bio LPLC skids
    Download +
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