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Get the BioSC™ Predict Lite!


BioSC™ Predict is the first simulation and optimization software for the development of continuous chromatography processes dedicated for the purification of biopharmaceuticals.

It is a process development accelerator enabling any scientist to start developing continuous chromatography processes even without prior knowledge. With a few clicks, the user can switch from batch chromatography to an optimized continuous chromatography process, ready to be tested on the BioSC™ Lab equipment.

BioSCpredict MyBioSC   BioSCpredict MyBatchProcess  BioSCpredict MyBreakthroughCurves

Don't miss your chance to get your own copy of the BioSC™ Predict Lite, available in a Lite version for you to test.

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  • BioSC™ Pilot
    BioSC™ Pilot
    BioSC™ Pilot, from chromatography skid to DSP skid for biologics
    Download +
  • Prochrom-Bio LPLC Columns
    Prochrom-Bio LPLC Columns
    Download +
  • BioSC™ System Product range
    BioSC™ System Product range
    Download +
  • Prochrom Hipersep-Bio LPLC skids
    Prochrom Hipersep-Bio LPLC skids
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