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Chromatography for large scale bio-industrial applications


Novasep has more than 40 years of experience designing, building, commissioning and maintaining large-scale chromatography units specifically designed for batch or continuous operations in food, fermentation and bio-based industries.

We have acquired proven expertise in continuous chromatography technologies by developing our own proprietary solutions for binary and ternary separations.

Continuous chromatography for binary separations: SSMB

Applexion® Sequential Simulated Moving Bed (SSMB) is a second generation multi-column chromatography system.

Novasep Applexion SSMB Chromatography UnitSSMB chromatography is the perfect technology to perform the continuous separation of two compounds or the binary fractionation of complex mixtures.

Thanks to a better utilization of the resin and a smart design, Applexion® SSMB chromatography presents many advantages:

  • A low number of columns and compartments (4 to 8 only) limiting required footprint and CAPEX
  • A reduced amount of resin thanks to an optimized process design
  • High recovery and purity to up to 99+% to be more productive and reach higher quality
  • An access to finer resins widening the optimization options of your process

Typical applications of the SSMB technology include the production of:

In addition to these well-established applications, the Applexion® SSMB technology is regularly adapted and successfully implemented for the purification of new products thanks to our project management strategy.

Continuous chromatography for ternary separations: FAST

FAST chromatography is a third generation technology developed conjointly between Novasep and DuPont Biosciences allowing the continuous and simultaneous separation of 3 fractions.
It is typically used in sugar factories for the desugarization of B-molasses and C-molasses to recover the sucrose that cannot be crystallized. Betaine is another fraction recovered, generating additional revenues for the factory.
FAST chromatography is also used in first generation bioethanol plants to recover betaine from vinasses.

Check on our complete offer for beet sugar and bioethanol factories.

 Novasep FAST Chromatography Columns

APPLEXION® XA chromatography resins

Novasep Applexion XA Chromatography ResinOur experience in designing chromatography systems, combined with lab, pilot, and industrial scale evaluations, enables us to provide the most adapted resins for your process and product.
Each Applexion® XA resin is selected according to a strict benchmark and extensive analysis of its behavior under industrial conditions. We also make sure that each Applexion® XA resin has an extended lifetime, compatible with intensive industrial activities.
Learn more about our chromatography resins.
Novasep’s customer service can provide you with audit services to improve the performance of your process.


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