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Hazardous chemistry


We are a global leader in hazardous chemistry, with more than 135 years’ experience through the history of the Leverkusen site in the production of hazardous compounds and in the identification of short and elegant synthetic routes using hazardous chemistry improving purity, yield and in turn, reducing production costs and environmental impact.

The use of hazardous chemistry generally helps to considerably reduce the number of synthesis steps as well as the amount of impurities and by-product generated, leading to cost-effective syntheses affording the targeted compounds in high yields.

Whatever the scale, from kilogram to 1000’s tons/year, you can rely on our expertise to make your key intermediates or active ingredients in a safe and reliable way.

Our key hazardous chemistry includes:

Our expertise also includes hydrogen peroxide oxidation, sodium metal handling, highly exothermic reactions and the handling of highly toxic materials and thermally/mechanically unstable compounds.

Hazardous chemicals, safety expertise

Novasep Pre Formulated NitroglycerinThe highly explosive nature of some reagents demands extensive know-how, high safety standards, and strict process controls. We provide supply security thanks to extensive safety testing, specific installation and isolated production units. We have an expertise for the handling of:

  • Explosive compounds
  • Shock & friction sensitive compounds such as Nitroglycerin
  • Thermally sensitive compounds
  • Highly exothermic reactions

In addition to adequate manufacturing procedures, our safety experts are equipped with labs dedicated to safety testing:

  • Thermal stability: DSC, TGA, Koenen test, Bonfire test
  • Mechanical stability: shock and friction sensitivity test
  • Storage stability test
  • Tests for detonation propagation (2”-steel tube test)
  • Tests for self-decomposing materials
  • Dust explosion test (Hartmann tube)
  • Reaction calorimetry, reaction heat calculation
  • Transport classification

Novasep Hazardous Chemical Safety Testing

Novasep Explosive Compounds Testing

  • Hazardous chemistry
    Hazardous chemistry
    As a global leader in the production of hazardous reactions, Novasep can help you improving process ...
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