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Hazardous chemistry: Azide chemistry


As the world leader in cGMP azide chemistry with projects of up to 100's MT per year , we can provide a large variety of nitrogen-containing heterocycles such as tetrazoles, triazoles and offer alternative routes for the synthesis of primary amines, isocyanates, etc.


Sodium azide is a very powerful reagent that gives access to a broad variety of structures avoiding costly and long alternative routes.

Novasep CMO Azide From NaN3


Trimethylsilyl azide can be used as an alternative to sodium azide, especially for reactions that do not tolerate acidic or alkaline conditions or polar solvents and it can also be used for asymmetric ring opening reactions or iminoposphoranes syntheses.

 Novasep CMO Azide From TMSA



Alternatively, we also work with other organic azides such as:

  • Alkyl tin azides Bu3 SnN3: is very useful for compounds which are sensitive to alkaline conditions.
  • Diphenyl phosphoryl azide (DPPA): formation of isocyanates from carboxylic acids via Curtius Rearrangement. This reagent avoids the heating step in the classical Curtius rearrangement and thus is the best choice for heat sensitive substrates.
  • Sulfonyl azides: like p-toluenesulfonyl azide (TSA) or 4-acetamido benzen sulfonyl azide (ABSA) : diazotation reaction.
  • Azido ethyl acetate (AEA): a selective approach to 4-X-indoles.

 Novasep CMO Azide Sulfonyl Azide

Novasep CMO Azide Azido Ethyl Acetate


The synthesis of isocyanates via the Curtius Rearrangement is an elegant alternative to phosgenation to afford ureas, carbamates and tetrazolinones, especially if the corresponsing carboxylic acids are easier to access than the amines.

 Novasep CMO Curtius Rearrangement

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